MedFilm in Malta 1st edition

The first edition of “MedFilm in Malta – We love the sea”, organised by Costantino Films Ltd in collaboration with the MedFilm Festival of Rome, chaired by Ginella Vocca and Giovanni Costantino, is part of an international partnership with the film festivals of Formentera, Palma de Mallorca, Menorca, Ortigia, Alghero and Montenegro and supported by National Geographic.

MedFilm in Malta aims to combine the love of cinema with that of the environment and, in particular, the protection of the sea. In addition to this, it intends to make “all the cultural shores of the Mediterranean Sea get to know each other and establish a dialogue”.

The theme of the Mediterranean and its many cultures is a stimulus to reconsider who we are and what our potential is. This is why we will present 8 works (4 feature films and 4 short films) directly from the MedFilm Festival in Rome, now in its 27th edition.

With the four National Geographic documentaries and with the help of the Eco Marine Malta Team (who will speak at the end of the screenings), we will investigate the beauty and fragility of our sea, part of the vastness of the oceans but also the fulcrum of our cultures.